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the Cost of Dog Training

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$ 300
Sep 2007
Portland, ME
Jack Russell Terrier
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$ 500
May 2006
Alexandria, Virginia
Boston Terrier
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$ 800
Feb 2008
middleboro, ma
German Shepherd
Complete training for my three year old german shepherd  more... close row
$ 350
Mar 2008
Richlandtown, PA
Eight weeks of one-on-one training with behaviorist  more... close row
$ 25
May 2006
Portland, Oregon
Mixed Breed
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$ 98
Apr 2007
Tucson, Az
Chow/Mastiff Mix
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Description of service

We adopted our dog from a shelter and he had a few behavioural problems, so we decided to attend a training course with him. The kennel that we use for day boarding recommended a trainer not far from where they are located.

The training course cost $98.00, which included ten weeks, printed lesson plans, and a long line training leash. Other courses that we looked into ranged from $72.00 for a four week course to $175 for a ten week course.

The class fees included the instructor fee and cost of printed materials for each class. They also recommended (and sold on site) a choke chain and four-foot leash (which I already had).

Each class was one and half hours long, held in the evening. The class included a review of the previous weeks' assignment (we had homework), teaching of the new command, group session, individual evaluation, and the training assignment for the week.

Participants were allowed to miss two sessions before having to re-register and begin again. They were required to call the instructor ahead of time and the training sheet would be sent for that week. Make-up classes were availabable for an extra fee of $25.00 per class.

Review of Service

While the cost and schedule of the class fit our requirements, we did not finish the course. The training methods were not a good fit for our dog (they recommended crating the dog before and after each training session and leaving him alone for 30 minutes - he has separation anxiety and can not be left alone that long and destroys crates if he is) and the instructor was abrasive, often yelling at the animals. Another method that I did not agree with was yelling loudly and pulling on the dogs' collars. He is from a shelter and at first tended to cower and panic if there was yelling. The instructor insisted that he could not be taught unless we crated and yelled.

We had to miss one class due to illness in the family and were given a difficult time when we called the instructor. I also had to call twice to receive the class assignment. On another occassion, the instructor did not show up. Half of the class was called to say that the class was cancelled, but not the other half. Since it is a 45 minute drive for me to get there, I considered this very rude. That class was also not rescheduled. We were offered the option of attending a class in the next scheduled training course.


Always ask your vet, kennel, neighbors, or friends who they would recommend. Some pet supply stores also offer classes. Make sure the schedule and class times are in a range that you are comfortable with.

If you have questions or don't agree with a method, ask the instructor or voice your concern. If they insist that you do something you think would be harmful to your dog, use your best judgement. At no time should you be "forced" into anything or into doing anything that you consider abusive toward your dog.

Many classes do not offer a refund after a set number of classes. If you are not completely comfortable with the trainer and method by week two, considere asking for one and finding another class. If it is at a training school, consider asking to be switched to another trainer. Do not hesitate to file a complaint if you feel it is warranted. You will not aonly be protecting your pet, but possibly others' pets as well.

Many books are available at the library and you can also find training classes on line. If your pet is not able to attend a traditional class, this might be an option for you.

$ 180
Sep 2007
Indianapolis, IN
Shepherd mix
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$ 465
Jan 2008
Phoenix, Arizona
Six weeks of private dog training  more... close row
$ 115
Oct 2008
Ocala, Florida
Yorkshire Terrier
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$ 500
Sep 2007
Lancaster, AL
Golden Retriever
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$ 99
Jul 2007
Chula Vista, CA
Labrador Retriever
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$ 50
May 2007
Haddam CT
Pit Bull Lab Cross
One hour of in-home dog training  more... close row
$ 40
Oct 2007
coudersport, PA
German Shepherd
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