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the Cost of Tongue Piercing

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$ 60
May 2006
Stockton, MN
Tongue piercing requires special care   more... close row

Description of service

I had my tongue pierced originally 7 years ago for $60. I had it redone almost two years ago for the same price. This price includes a basic metal barbell. If you want one of the fancier barbell studs you have to pay for the difference in cost, which can vary from $5 to hundreds of dollars (there was a gold stud with a ruby encrusted), but the basic piercing was $60.

Review of Service

Though it was a bit of a drive for me, it was worth it. The place I went to is small and family run, and very personal. I was comfortable with the people who run it, so I as able to relax. You don't want to be tense when you go in, and I was nervous, since I had had it done before and knew it was going to hurt a bit.


Make sure you like your piercer. Tensing up isn't good when you get either tatoos or piercings, so if you just don't get along with the artist, get out and find someone else. Also, stock up on soft foods. Your tongue could be swollen a day, or over a week. Plan on eating jello, ice cream, and lots of chicken noodle soup, because hard foods that require a lot of chewing are not pleasant to eat. Also, don't pierce if you have something you need to talk for (a speech, a job interview, or you work on the phone). You will talk like a little baby for a few days.

$ 50
Jan 2006
Cleveland, OH
Tongue piercing at tattoo shop  more... close row
$ 40
Apr 2006
Binghamton, NY
First piercing was explained very clearly  more... close row
$ 60
Jun 2008
davie, fl
Piercing and supplies in a nice hygienic place  more... close row
$ 60
Aug 2006
Oceanside, CA
Cleanliness important with piercings   more... close row
$ 35
Mar 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
Got tongue pierced instead of ears  more... close row
$ 75
Jan 2008
Columbus, Georgia
Center of Tounge
Never pierce your tongue yourself  more... close row
$ 30
Feb 2008
Fillmore, CA
Person doing the piercing did not seem very professional  more... close row
$ 100
Mar 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Paid more to be safe  more... close row
$ 80
Feb 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Make sure you know how to take care of your piercing  more... close row