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$ 0
Jul 2007
Topeka, KS
Daughter spends birthday money on ear piercing  more... close row
$ 300
Sep 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
ear piercing
Ear piercing done by a plastic surgeon  more... close row
$ 10
Jun 2008
Orange Park, FL
both ear lobes.
Free ear piercing with earring purchase  more... close row
$ 25
Nov 2007
Ashland, KY
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$ 35
Sep 2007
Ashland, Kentucky
Hard for mother to let three year old get ears pierced  more... close row
$ 30
Apr 2006
Eugene, Oregon
Upper ear
Upper ear piercing at piercing shop  more... close row
$ 16
Feb 2008
New York, New York
Left & Right Ear
Third piercing in each ear  more... close row

Description of service

I wanted to get a third piercing in my ears. I already have two on both ears and now wanted a third on both ears as well. I got charged for:

$10 - Earrings price (free piercing included)

$6 - Alcohol cleanser for the ears

Review of Service

I was just in the mall shopping when I spotted a sign outside a salon for free piercing. It wasn't exactly free but basically if I but the store's earrings, the piercing is free. So I decided to buy these really small studs for my third hole in both ears. There was no wait time which was nice. The lady was really nice, marked the placed with a marker and showed me if I was okay with the spot. It was over in 2 seconds (not a lot of pain either). The store recommended me to buy the alcohol cleanser to avoid an infection and I bought it as it wasn't that expensive.


If you can bear the pain, get your ears pierced! It looks so pretty. I strongly recommend the cleanser considering the chances of getting an infection is pretty high. If you are allergic to any type of metal, don't go for this. Ask all the information before getting pierced such as reactions, etc. I wouldn't say one salon is better than the other for piercing, I mean they use the same equipment. But make sure they use proper hygiene (like wash hands, wash the skin to be pierced, etc.) And of course, make sure the earrings are new with a seal!

$ 20
Oct 2007
Okemos, MI
Ears, Standard location
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$ 30
Feb 2006
Columbus, OH
ear lobes
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$ 12
Feb 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Piercing and earrings at store in mall  more... close row