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$ 150
Mar 2007
Quakertown, PA
Monthly charge for a large storage unit  more... close row
$ 70
Jun 2008
Somerville, MA
Rented yearly, paid monthly  more... close row
$ 60
Jan 2008
Houston, TX
Bad experience with small storage unit  more... close row
$ 75
Mar 2007
Dallas, TX
Reasonable rate for storage space  more... close row
$ 120
Jun 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Storage space a good idea when between homes  more... close row
$ 43
May 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Five foot by five foot climate controlled storage space  more... close row
$ 45
May 2007
Ashland City, Tn
Price per month for 15ftx5ft storage space  more... close row
$ 45
Jan 2007
Stevens Point, WI
Ten foot by ten foot storage unit well lit at night  more... close row
$ 33
Apr 2008
La Crescent, MN
Smallest storage shed available  more... close row
$ 90
Jun 2006
Berkeley, CA
Storage Unit for $90/month  more... close row

Description of service

I rented a storage unit for the summer, for $90/month to keep my more irreplaceable school stuff in (I am a teacher) since our school was undergoing leadership changes and various people were in and out of the school all summer.

I had access to my storage unit during business hours, which were 9-5 every day except Sunday. It was the smallest unit they had, the size of a small walk-in closet, and it was not climate controlled.

Review of Service

This was actually being financed by a friend of mine as a gift, and she wasn't too picky about money, so I'm not sure if this was a good value or not.

It was inconvenient to only have access to the storage unit from 9-5, not for me as much as for my friends with trucks who were helping me, most of whom worked from 9-5.

The person working at the counter, in charge of the keys, never checked to see if I was really the person renting the storage unit. If I had had some reason for trying to get into a different unit, I'm sure he would have accepted that without question. I did have my own padlock for the unit, but I think he was supposed to check and see if I needed to go into a certain area, and he never did. Aside from that, the staff was very professional and courteous.


Check the hours and make sure the hours are convenient for you, not just the location. Also, some storage facilities will provide the first month free if you rent a unit, so check on that, or any other deals that might be out there!

$ 75
May 2008
Cedar Park, TX
Ten foot by ten foot storage not climate controlled  more... close row
$ 55
May 2008
Ottawa KS
10 by 10 foot metal storage unit  more... close row
$ 25
May 2008
Hilliard, Ohio
Storage space good but hours inconvenient  more... close row