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the Price of Individual Counseling

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$ 90
Dec 2007
Portland, ME
One hour of standard talk-therapy  more... close row
$ 85
Jan 2007
Washington, D.C.
Psychological counseling services  more... close row

Description of service

I received psychological counseling services from a provider with "licensed professional counselor" credentials. My health insurance covered most of the provider's charges, and she billed me for the remainder of $15 for each session.

Review of Service

I was very pleased with the services of this provider. Her style of counseling was unusual, in my experience, but very helpful to me. She was extremely professional and courteous in terms of arranging our meeting times, making any necessary adjustments for emergencies of either of us, and being reachable by phone. Her location was convenient and appropriate, being part of a larger therapy group in a downtown office building. I felt that she treated me at all times with respect, integrity, intelligence, and kindness. I considered her fee to be appropriate, and her willingness to bill for the co-pay was unusually considerate.


It is essential, when seeking a therapist, to find one with whom you feel personally comfortable, as well as confident of the provider's professional credentials. Before deciding to work with a therapist, it is a good idea to request an initial meeting (at no charge) to see if it would be "a good fit"--something that most therapists will do, and should do, I believe, since the rates can be extremely high. I started my search by checking the listings of providers covered by my health insurance and narrowed that list down to the ones closest to my home and office. Then I called or left messages for the ones I'd selected. I ruled out two of them on the basis of our phone conversations. I really believe that if you really are put off by the provider's voice or manner over the phone, it's probably not worth wasting time on even an initial visit. In my first visit with the therapist I chose, she carefully and clearly explained how her therapy would proceed, what she expected of me to make it work, and what I could expect from her, as well as payment terms--all things a trustworthy therapist should do.

$ 15
Apr 2008
Portland, Oregon
Therapist still a student  more... close row
$ 65
Mar 2008
Bellingham, WA
Received one on one private therapy  more... close row
$ 60
May 2006
San Francisco, CA
Hourly therapy sessions  more... close row
$ 90
Mar 2008
Portland, Or.
Great therapist seen once every two months  more... close row
$ 125
May 2007
Portland, OR
Reliable and effective counselor  more... close row
$ 140
Feb 2008
Dallas, TX
Individual Therapy with an LPC/LMFT  more... close row
$ 250
Jun 2006
Houston, TX
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