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$ 5
Mar 2008
Asheboro, NC
500-word web articles based on keywords  more... close row
$ 50
Mar 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Writer to write a unique wedding announcement  more... close row
$ 500
Apr 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Technical writer to write a training manual  more... close row
$ 600
Jan 2007
Anaheim, CA
Writer hired for clothing descriptions  more... close row
$ 150
Mar 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Writing of a speech to go with power point presentation  more... close row
$ 200
Apr 2008
East Lansing, MI
15 articles at 500 words each  more... close row
$ 75
Jun 2008
Chicago, Illinois
23 articles written for this price  more... close row
$ 50
Jan 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Ghostwriter for a short memoir  more... close row
$ 150
Apr 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Professional writer made wonderful changes in resume  more... close row
$ 5
May 2008
Miami, FL
Price per 500 word article with spotty quality  more... close row

Description of service

I am in the process of starting up several web sites which require content. As opposed to spending the hours doing the work myself I searched online if there were available freelance writers capable of such work. I was surprised to see the huge amount of freelancers advertising their services. My content related to mostly education. I required 50 different articles utilizing dictating SEO keywords. I did not stipulate a specific deadline, but requested reasonable fast turn around. The site I ended up using allowed me to advertise the job and those interested to bid. Most of the bids were in the same $4 - $6 range per article of approximately 500 words. The few low bids were suspect and I requested writing samples which I did not receive. I then requested samples from the lowest in the typical price band and selected one I liked which was bid $5 per article

Review of Service

So far I have received almost a third of them back. Quality is spotty, and many require editing on my behalf. However, especially considering the low cost, the time saving aspect I think is worth it. You will not get professional writing obviously on these freelance writing web sites, however for the cost you might value the raw piece which you can then edit.


I would advise to always request previous samples before making your selection. I would also advise against ever paying prior to receiving your requested work back. There are many writer sites available, some auction based and some direct hire. From my perusal, it appeared the auction web sites presented the best value.

$ 12
Feb 2008
Memphis, Tennessee
Price for thousand word article  more... close row