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the Cost of New Computer Set Up

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$ 99
Jan 2008
Tempe, AZ
The price is for installation and setup of a Windows  more... close row

Description of service

The price is for installation and setup of a desktop PC, including connecting all the cables, connecting the system to my cable internet connection, and making sure everything is working well. The company also sells computers in various configurations from notebooks to servers and all sorts of service contracts for the same. Price, of course, depends on how much computer you want and how much coverage.

Review of Service

To be honest, it didn't seem like it was worth the money. I mean, all the plugs are color coded and only hook up one way. True, if stuff gets dropped while it's being installed I have easy recourse, but it's not like with 30lb pieces a computer is all that heavy or likely to be dropped.


If you're an old hand at computers (or, really, a kid whose grown up with the things), installing a computer is almost certainly something you can do yourself. And considering you can get a decent computer for around $500, $99 for installation is insanely expensive. It's like paying $6000 for the car dealer to drive your $30000 new car to you from the lot and once it's in your driveway make sure it starts and the air conditioning blows cold.

I suppose the value is in having an experienced tech near by if something goes wrong -- perhaps very wrong -- during installation, but even with computers that rarely happens.

$ 40
Mar 2008
Des Moines, Iowa
Technician stayed for almost an hour for setup  more... close row
$ 120
Feb 2006
Tampa, Fla.
Less than two hours to set up computer  more... close row
$ 200
Aug 2008
Maple Grove, MN
Option of extended warranty or professional setup  more... close row
$ 100
Apr 2008
Louisville, KY
Paying a neighbor to set up computer saved money  more... close row
$ 150
Jun 2008
Chicago, IL
Computer tech spent time setting up new computer  more... close row
$ 140
Feb 2007
Astoria, OR
Price including tips for computer installation  more... close row
$ 75
Jun 2008
Woodville, Tx
Computer tech did onsite setup  more... close row
$ 50
Apr 2008
Clay NY
College student set up computer  more... close row
$ 160
Jan 2007
Woodbridge, VA
Setup assistance extremely helpful  more... close row
$ 125
Jan 2008
Memphis, Tennessee
Save money by installing computer yourself  more... close row
$ 65
Aug 2008
Houston, Texas
Installation of a new computer  more... close row