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$ 55
Apr 2008
Band Poster, Handbills
Posters to promote band's performance  more... close row

Description of service

25 Full color, glossy card stock 11x17 Band show posters, and 100 Full color, glossy card stock handbills, Cut 7 times to divide 6 per page. and outside trims. Printed via submitted .pdfs. All work was done on time, packaged for pick up and distribution, and looked really professional.

Review of Service

Was an excellent full service experience. They took time out to make sure my print package looked really good. Printed a proof for me first which helped me find a print error before it got on to everything, and at the end gave me a little discount on the whole package. I'm supper happy with the results. It was best print package my band has ever had. The advertising really worked well and the show was highly attended with many compliment for the print pieces


First always get a proof, and have a couple other eyes go over it to check for mistake, nothings worse than paying a lot out for a set hat has a couple errors. When at all possible submit your proofs for print in the format requested, your printer will like you a lot more if you try to make life easy on them. If you've had a smooth easy print job, ask for a discount. Asking never hurts, and most times they are happy to oblige. If you do enough jobs per month they can really hook you up too. It also might be worth asking if they have some sort of commercial account they can get you on, that way you can get on a net 30 billing cycle. Which means, you can get the prints you need to advertise for a show, go play and get paid, then pay for printing rather than it coming right out of your pocket. Which when your streched really helps.

$ 260
May 2007
San Francisco, CA
3 Large Posters
Three posters on heavy-duty non-fade vinyl  more... close row
$ 26
Oct 2007
Huntington, WV
Poster sized photos made great gift  more... close row
$ 15
Mar 2008
Canton, OH
poster from a photo
Large picture of daughter at the zoo printed as a poster  more... close row
$ 10
Jun 2008
12x18 Poster Laminated
Poster printing and lamination  more... close row
$ 75
Sep 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Glossy posters helped campaign for school secretary  more... close row
$ 15
Jun 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
16 X 20 Poster
Photo poster of a friend  more... close row
$ 35
May 2008
Printing a poster
Poster printing for college course  more... close row
$ 100
Jul 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
4 custom posters
Funny posters printed for husband's birthday   more... close row
$ 25
Feb 2008
Marietta, Ohio
20 Full Color, 11 by 18 Posters
Printer was in a bad mood  more... close row