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$ 15
Mar 2008
Rapid City, SD
15 minutes, 3 miles
Taxi to downtown  more... close row
$ 80
Aug 2007
Olathe, KS
35 minutes for 40 miles
Recommending small taxi services  more... close row
$ 12
Jan 2008
New York, New York
About 15 city blocks (3 miles) in roughly 10 minutes
Shared cab during afternoon rush hour  more... close row
$ 10
May 2007
Tucson, AZ
2 miles, 5 minutes
Midnight ride from airport to hotel  more... close row
$ 43
Dec 2007
Cypress, Texas
2:10PM about 16 miles
No options for calling a cab  more... close row
$ 12
Feb 2008
Belingham, WA
3 miles 10 minutes
Taxi service takes you and your vehicle home  more... close row
$ 10
Jan 2008
orlando, florida
4 miles one way
Taxi ride to local department store  more... close row
$ 35
Mar 2008
Columbus, Ohio
30 minute trip going 25 miles
Flat rate for a ride about 25 miles  more... close row
$ 300
Mar 2006
San Francisco, CA
45 minutes; 30.27 miles
Taxi ride after working late  more... close row
$ 20
Mar 2008
Largo, FL
10 minutes each way, about 2-3 miles each way
Polite taxi driver with a long wait  more... close row

Description of service

A taxi ride with my grandmother and I, from my condo to a nearby mall. All the drivers we had were very kind and polite. The taxi ride was about 20 minutes there and back, 2-3 miles each way. We waited an hour for the taxi to come when we called to be picked up, however.

Review of Service

It took a long time for the taxi to arrive, and he could not get into our gated condo. He was very polite and cordial, however. My grandmother is blind, and he was not nosy and helped her into the car. Upon being picked up from the mall we went to, we had a different taxi driver. He was also polite and kind, and helped carry the items we purchased up to our condo.


I definetly advise people to know the taxi rate or ask when you call. Some taxi companies charge more or less, but all taxi companies charge just to get in. Also, don't loiter unless you have to, because they charge you for that too! I would recommend calling for a taxi at least an hour before you need to be somewhere (also take into account how long it takes to get there). Don't carry just the money you need to get there, because most of the time it is more expensive! Riding in a taxi should be used only when you don't have a car or can't get somewhere.

$ 19
Feb 2007
Fergus Fall, MN
20 minutes and about 4 or 5 miles
Round trip to the nearest grocery store  more... close row
$ 20
Apr 2008
20 mins. and about 10 miles.
Taxis can be very convenient  more... close row