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the Price of Piano Tuning

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$ 133
Jun 2008
Columbus, OH
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$ 130
Sep 2008
Overland Park, KS
A pitch raise and fine tuning for piano  more... close row
$ 140
Feb 2009
Buffalo, NY
Piano tuning with a small glitch  more... close row

Description of service

Normally I have my piano tuned twice per year. So, I am aware of the procedure. This time a piano technician came to my apartment in order to tune my piano. Unfortunately, during the regularly scheduled piano tuning, a problem came up, i.e. a key was stuck. It was not a very serious problem and it was easy to be fixed. The technician stayed at my apartment at about four hours in order to tune the piano and fix the problem. He repaired the key for free of charge, so I paid him $140 only for the tuning.

Review of Service

The service was great! The technician was very polite and the most important was an expert, so he knew exactly what to do. He tuned my piano with accuracy and he fixed the problem with the key without charging me an extra amount of money! I didn't find anything bad with the service at all. I feel that the service was a good value for the price.


A piano is tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 Hz.So, if a piano has gone without tuning for a long period of time (more than a year), its pitch may have dropped far below A-440. Subsequently bringing each string to the proper pitch greatly increases the tension in your piano, making it, and the resultant tuning unstable. In these instances, a pitch raise is necessary prior to a fine tuning. In this case you are going to pay more and it is not good for the piano, too. Therefore, have in mind that you must tune your piano at least once per year.

$ 100
Jun 2008
Huntington Beach, CA
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$ 100
Dec 2008
Murrieta, CA
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$ 65
Apr 2006
St. George, Utah
Piano tuner for six-foot grand piano  more... close row
$ 95
May 2008
Chicago, IL
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$ 75
Nov 2008
brooklyn, michigan
Piano tuned every six months  more... close row
$ 175
Feb 2009
Dana Point, CA
Tuning for grand piano with player piano inside  more... close row
$ 100
Aug 2007
Brighton, CO
Piano was extremely out of tune  more... close row
$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 155
Nov 2008
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