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the Price of Personal Injury Lawyers

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$ 1500
Mar 2008
Chicago, IL
Fraud lawyer after a car accident  more... close row
$ 9400
Jun 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Lawyer recovering expenses after car accident  more... close row
$ 70000
Jan 2008
Raleigh, NC
Personal injury attorney  more... close row
$ 0
Jun 2007
Clearwater, FL
Lawyer helped after bike accident  more... close row
$ 5000
Sep 2006
Paradise Valley, AZ
Attorney did not seem to look out for client's best interest  more... close row
$ 2100
Feb 2007
Arlington, TX
Personal injury lawyer when rear ended  more... close row

Description of service

While I was driving home from work one night I stopped as the light turned yellow, but I was hit from behind by the car that was following me. I was injured in the accident and ended up in the hospital for two days and then missing work for two additional days. I was referred to a personal injury lawyer and hired him to handle my case and recover my medical costs and some amount for pain and suffering. He worked on a contingency basis of 1/3 of the final payment, and filed the court papers, attended three hearings, wrote letters and got the claim settled for $6300, so he was paid $2100 for his time and work.

Review of Service

I am normally not the type to sue someone, but the driver that hit me would not take any responsibility for the accident or even apologize, so I felt comfortable with my lawyer to pursue repayment of all of my bills plus whatever additional amount he could get for my inconvenience and the temporary pain that I had. He did a good job and explained to me at the beginning about the process, the time frame, and his estimate of what I might recover. He kept me up to date on his progress and it took about nine months altogether but I was satisfied with his services and the settlement amount, so the fee was fair for his efforts.


For a personal injury case, you should always go with a contingency arrangement so that it doesn't cost you anything. Also, ask your lawyer for a ballpark projection of what the case is worth so that you have an expectation and the lawyer will work toward that result for you.

$ 5000
Oct 2006
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Lawyer was neither honest nor helpful  more... close row
$ 4000
Dec 2006
Hickory, NC
Believed advertisements and got ripped off  more... close row
$ 890
Jan 2007
Madison, TN
Lawyer never stopped trying  more... close row
$ 1300
Mar 2007
Ashland, KY
Injured in a car accident  more... close row
$ 0
Jul 2007
Tampa, FL
Bad experience with injury lawyer  more... close row