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$ 1500
Mar 2008
Chicago, IL
Fraud lawyer after a car accident  more... close row

Description of service

Last July I was in a car accident, I'll admit it was my fault, I was trying to get onto Lakeshore by Soldier Field and a car suddenly stopped right infront of me and I rear ended them. At first they were walkng around saying they were all ok and all that, hardly any damage to their car while mine was all jacked up. Then Barny and Andy ( the Police) show up and the occupants of the other vehicle changed their tone, the suddenly started hurtig and was injured. When Fire & Rescue got there they noticed how they were being led on by those people and had them taken in for examination. Nobody was injured at all. I was from out of state and the Police Officer gaave me a citation for negligent driving, so I had to drive 5 hours to come back to that city for court a month later. So instead of having my personal lawyer I decided I would just get one out of the area that I had to go to court in per my lawyers advice. I called a couple of lawyers and found out that the flat up front fee was outrageous but what could I do? So I went with one of the more professional ones (I was way wrong!) I took 2 days off of work to meet this lawyer and have a in-person meeting with him. It went very smoothly and I thought that I would have this mess resolved once we were in court. It came court time, I once again took 2 days off to drive back to the area where I had to go to court. I was there checked in with the court administrator and was waiting patiently, 9:30am came and went, I tried calling the lawyer and no answer, I have never heard or seen anything of him again. Moved out of that area and is unreachable. I lost over $1500.00 in a crook!

Review of Service

I found that the situation I got myself into was actaully common, and that was a reality check for me. I could not believe I got hooked and scamed. I first thought this guy was a real decient person, but boy was I ever wrong. You can trust people these days. I grew up on a farm in the rual area where you could trust anybody you knew or even met, but not anymore.


Make sure you do some checking into who you are getting and never trust them! I've gotten to the point in life where I don't trust anybody, it's so much easier and safer!

$ 9400
Jun 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Lawyer recovering expenses after car accident  more... close row
$ 70000
Jan 2008
Raleigh, NC
Personal injury attorney  more... close row
$ 5000
Sep 2006
Paradise Valley, AZ
Attorney did not seem to look out for client's best interest  more... close row
$ 2100
Feb 2007
Arlington, TX
Personal injury lawyer when rear ended  more... close row
$ 0
Jun 2007
Clearwater, FL
Lawyer helped after bike accident  more... close row
$ 4000
Dec 2006
Hickory, NC
Believed advertisements and got ripped off  more... close row
$ 5000
Oct 2006
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Lawyer was neither honest nor helpful  more... close row
$ 890
Jan 2007
Madison, TN
Lawyer never stopped trying  more... close row
$ 1300
Mar 2007
Ashland, KY
Injured in a car accident  more... close row
$ 0
Jul 2007
Tampa, FL
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