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the Cost of Personal Accounting Services

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$ 250
Feb 2008
Tustin, CA
Payment for preparing state and federal returns  more... close row

Description of service

This payment was to my accountant for preparing my annual personal income taxes (husband and wife, no children). Included mortgage deductions, unreimbursed employee expenses, W-2 income as well as income from sales of stock. The accountant prepared our Federal 1040 as well as our California 540 forms.

Also my husband is starting a business and we got some advice on what form of corporation to use (S Corp, C Corp, LLC, etc) based on the tax advantages of each one. This accountant can also handle business returns. Also he is available for advice on setting up our new business accounting system, gratis, as he knows that he will be getting our business for the new business next year!

Review of Service

My taxes were completed and mailed to me for sending to the State and Feds within a week of dropping off my records to the accountant. They were not e-filed, I mailed them mid-February, and just received my Federal refund (late March 2008; the State refund came even more quickly).


If you need an accountant to do your taxes, have your records in order. Many accountants have a checklist of items they wish you to submit with your taxes, so make sure to have all the items requested before your appointment. IN general I beleive it is better to total up your expenses in the various categories and have that summary ready for your accountant, you get your returns completed much faster than if you merely submit your "shoebox of information" for them to sift through, and you can be sure all your expenses are considered and applied correctly!

$ 510
Mar 2008
New York, NY
Long standing relationship with accountant  more... close row
$ 450
Mar 2008
Seattle, WA
State and Federal Tax Preparation for a 1099 Contractor  more... close row
$ 500
Mar 2007
Blue Bell, PA
Tax preparation services  more... close row
$ 500
Mar 2007
Forks, Washington
Expensive but adequate tax preparation  more... close row
$ 150
Apr 2007
San Diego, CA
Personal tax filing and amendment  more... close row
$ 180
Mar 2007
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
E-filing taxes through a CPA  more... close row
$ 106
Mar 2006
Columbus, OH
Tax Accountant
Tax preparer made life much easier  more... close row
$ 175
Mar 2007
Clarksburg, WV
Accounting firm for tax return  more... close row
$ 120
Feb 2008
WIchita, KS
Accounting service for income taxes  more... close row
$ 125
Jan 2007
Northeast Arkansas
Local accounting service for income tax filing  more... close row
$ 125
Apr 2008
Myrtle Beach, SC
Preparing tax returns and reviewing old ones  more... close row
$ 115
Feb 2008
Richmond, MN
Possibly overcharged for tax preparation  more... close row