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$ 33
Jan 2008
Long Beach, CA
Expanded analog cable, approximately 80 channels  more... close row
$ 35
Aug 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Expanded basic cable  more... close row
$ 16
Mar 2008
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Very basic cable service  more... close row
$ 43
Mar 2008
Chandler, AZ
Basic cable goes out during bad weather  more... close row
$ 42
Apr 2008
La Crosse, WI
Basic cable TV service for all TVs in the house  more... close row
$ 32
Mar 2008
Fargo, ND
Family pack of cable channels  more... close row
$ 75
Mar 2008
Montoursville, PA
Cable service consisting of roughly 75 channels  more... close row
$ 20
Apr 2008
Boiling Springs, SC
Reliable service in rural area  more... close row
$ 14
Mar 2008
Santa Cruz, CA
Monthly fee for 39 channels of basic cable  more... close row

Description of service

This is monthly fee that I pay for 39 channels of digital cable from the local cable provider. I also paid a $35 dollar set up fee for installation.

Review of Service

Overall in the world of cable television this is relatively cheap. Most of the competitors of my service don't even have a package that is less than $30/month. The installment of the cable service cost me $35, even though my house was already wired for cable. But almost every cable company that I shopped charged a similar setup fee. The installment professionals were very friendly and experienced and my interaction with them was very enjoyable. I especially appreciated their honesty as they originally gave me more stations than I was paying for and then corrected it after they realized their mistake.

The service I have received has been very good as my cable has never gone out, which living in an area that is notorious for losing power and cable I have been very pleased. My favorite things about my current service is that even though I have the most basic package, I still get the Travel Channel, the Food Network, and Discovery Channel which are my favorite channels!


Unless there are certain channels that you cannot live without, I would suggest subscribing to the most basic package your provider offers. You will save a significant amount of money every month!

$ 69
Apr 2008
Pelham, NY
Basic cable tv for apartment  more... close row
$ 33
Apr 2008
Detroit MI
Basic cable with no movie channels  more... close row
$ 40
Jan 2008
Fayetteville, NC
Basic cable is plenty  more... close row