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the Price of an Hour Massage

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$ 75
Mar 2007
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
One hour full body massage  more... close row
$ 50
Feb 2008
Los Angeles, CA
One hour Thai massage  more... close row
$ 49
Feb 2008
Seattle, WA
One-hour custom massage at a national chain  more... close row
$ 75
Sep 2007
Sacramento, CA
60 Minute Swedish Massage  more... close row
$ 70
Sep 2006
Angels Camp, CA
Massage therapist came to hotel room  more... close row

Description of service

I paid a total of $70 for an hour long massage in Angels Camp, CA. This price included the massage, which was $60 and a tip of $10. They masseuse also came to my room at the resort I was staying at.

Review of Service

This was one of the best deals on an hour long massage I have ever seen. For only $60/hr, which is one of the cheapest prices for one hour I have seen in quite a while, this massage therapist came to my room for an hour long massage. They brought their massage table and worked around my schedule, coming in the evening as I was busy during the day. Not only was the price great, but the massage itself was above average. I have had a fewer better massages, but not many as my therapist listened well to my instructions about the type of pressure I liked. Plus, she was very personable and friendly and I really enjoyed talking with her for the hour.


If you are on vacation and want a massage, ask the concierge or front desk. That is how I found out about this therapist and it turned out to be a really great experience. Often times, resorts that work with therapists will also offer their services for a discount to resort guests, which is possibly why this massage was so inexpensive.

$ 45
Mar 2008
Huntingdon Valley, PA
One hour massage given at chiropractors office.  more... close row
$ 85
Aug 2007
Albany, NY
One hour massage and aromatherapy steam bath  more... close row
$ 70
Aug 2006
Deptford, NJ
One hour massage loosened tight muscles  more... close row