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the Price of an Hour Massage

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$ 50
Feb 2008
Los Angeles, CA
One hour Thai massage  more... close row
$ 49
Feb 2008
Seattle, WA
One-hour custom massage at a national chain  more... close row
$ 75
Sep 2007
Sacramento, CA
60 Minute Swedish Massage  more... close row

Description of service

I paid $65 plus a $10 tip for a 60 minute Swedish massage. There were no other fees or charges.

Review of Service

I received a 60 minute Swedish massage in a full-service salon by a newly trained and licensed masseur. Technically speaking, the masseur did a very good job. It was my first massage, so I do not know whether the reason the technician was being tentative with me was that she was new to the profession or because she was shy. At any rate, I felt that the massage side of that salon's operation was "fledgling". In other words, the salon does a brisk business in the Hair/Beauty end of its operation and was newly expanding their business in the Body Work side. It was a salon I had been going to for a long time and always wanted to try a massage. I was satisfied with the massage because my muscles and body felt great afterward. However, next time I make such an investment I will go to a masseur who is more experienced and self assured.


I would recommend contacting the masseur directly before booking a massage to get a feel for how experienced he or she is. I recommend getting a sense of whether he or she is someone you would feel comfortable being alone with and in close proximity to for an hour.

I would also recommend asking about his or her preferred approach. For example, if the masseur is personally wed to the idea of being the best practitioner of acupressure massage in the area, he or she may try to make their preferred method more appealing than whatever massage you are seeking.

$ 75
Mar 2007
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
One hour full body massage  more... close row
$ 70
Sep 2006
Angels Camp, CA
Massage therapist came to hotel room  more... close row
$ 45
Mar 2008
Huntingdon Valley, PA
One hour massage given at chiropractors office.  more... close row
$ 85
Aug 2007
Albany, NY
One hour massage and aromatherapy steam bath  more... close row
$ 70
Aug 2006
Deptford, NJ
One hour massage loosened tight muscles  more... close row