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the Price of Emergency Chiropractic Care

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$ 32
Feb 2008
Tucson, Az
Last minute appointment for severe pain  more... close row

Description of service

I recently visited a chiropractor for severe back pain (I could barely walk, breathe, turn, or even dress - getting in my car was extremely painful). The chiropractor that I had used in the past was unable to see me that day (Friday) and was going out of town until the following Tuesday.

Since I was in such severe pain, I began calling all chiropractors located near my work or home. None could see me on that day, and most would not see a new patient as an emergency, even the ones on my insurance plan. The first appointment (which this review covers) cost $30 (my co-pay amount) which included consultation with and adjustment by the doctor. No materials were used that were charged separately. If I did not have insurance, the appointment would have been $50 (my other chiropractor charges $32 for a half hour visit and does not accept insurance). The appointment lasted nearly an hour.

I first met with the doctor for a short consultation, then was placed a table with a heating blanket placed over the area that was most painful, then put on a bed that has a roller that moves from top to bottom (an assistant placed me on both tables), and several adjustments with the doctor. The doctor then devised a treatment plan and future appointments were made.

Review of Service

The office is small and located in a strip mall. I was a little apprehensive when I first found the office. It's not an area that I would normally think of a chiropractor being, it's not as elegant as my other doctors' offices, and is definitely not located in an area that I would normally shop. However, the office itself is very clean, the staff (the doctor and two assistants) are very friendly and welcoming. All staff actually remembered my name the second appointment.

The assistants took extra care to help me on and off the tables and to make sure that I was comfortable. I was immediately comfortable with the doctor (the first male chiropractor that I have visited, I generally try to have all female providers). He was very knowledgeable and explained all procedures before doing them. At first, I thought he was little rougher than my other chiropractor and didn't really expect immediate results. He recommended ice and heat every twenty minutes when I got home and ibuprofen. I had thought I would be in pain all weekend, however, I had only been home about two hours and the pain was nearly gone. I was able to perform my normal weekend activities (shopping, housework, laundry) with only a little discomfort. Even though it cost more than my other doctor, the appointment was longer, they were able to see me right away, and I really feel that I got more for my money.


Always ask around for referrals. If your coworkers or friends don't have any, check with your insurance company. If you aren't in severe pain, take your time and be fussy. You will probably be seeing the doctor for more than one visit, so you need to make sure you are comfortable with them. Also, check their normal office hours. Many chiropractors have one or two days that they stay open late. That way, you can from work to there then home to rest.

Don't be afraid to ask questions if procedures aren't explained or if you don't understand the explanation. If something makes you uncomfortable or causes more pain, let them know right away.

If you are using insurance, double check your co-pay and make sure that they are a provider accepted by your insurance company. Ask how much the visits are if your insurance company doesn't pay for them. That way, there will be no surprises if the claim is rejected. My normal chiropractor does not accept insurance, but will sign the form for you to send on your own. Ask before you schedule your appointment what the procedure will be. If necessary, many chiropractors also offer payment plans. You will need to ask this first.

$ 47
Feb 2008
Berkeley, CA
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Syracuse, NY
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Mar 2008
Aiken, SC
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$ 100
May 2008
Flint MI
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