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$ 75
Aug 2007
trappe, pa
Laser procedure for 10 year old  more... close row

Description of service

My 10 year old son was found to have a malformed muscle/skin flap on his top gum called the frenulum. The dentist advised to have it reduced as it was too large and that once my son had braces it could cause problems. So we arranged to have it reduced using a laser surgery technique. I had no idea that laser surgery was being used in everyday childrens dentistry.

Review of Service

Everything went extremely well. My son had a large scab on his upper gum for a week, could only each soft foods but had very little pain. I don't recall him needing any pain medication at any point in the process. Our dentist was excellent handling the procedure and calling to followup on my son's condition. When we weren't sure how my son's scab healing should look our dentist had me bring my son in to be checked with no charge and without making us worry about how they would fit us in. The dentist's office was exceptional in being very clear about what our costs were and what we should expect from the insurance company.


If your dentist's office is not as proactive as ours is, I would contact your insurance company directly and have them send a written statement of what they will cover for a particular procedure.

$ 325
Apr 2008
Lynchburg, VA
Cracked molar had to be removed  more... close row
$ 5800
Jul 2008
Orem, UT
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$ 467
Jun 2007
Columbus, OH
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$ 963
Jul 2008
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$ 110
Oct 2008
Brighton, CO
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$ 350
May 2008
columbus, ohio
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$ 1000
Nov 2008
Staten Island
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$ 950
Feb 2009
Bellmore, NY
Four-tooth lab-created bridge created  more... close row
$ 8000
Jul 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
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$ 95
Jun 2008
Fort Worth, TX
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$ 980
Sep 2007
Arlington, TX
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$ 55
Sep 2008
Boiling Springs, SC
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$ 120
Oct 2007
Yardley, PA
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$ 75
Jan 2007
Dublin, OH
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$ 900
Apr 2008
North Bellmore, NY
Four-tooth bridge created in mouth  more... close row