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the Cost of a Day Pass for a Rock Climbing Gym

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$ 30
Apr 2008
Downingtown, PA
Introduction package at climbing gym  more... close row
$ 40
Mar 2008
Peninsula, OH
Visit and rentals for two at a climbing gym  more... close row
$ 25
May 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Really fun way to spend time with wife  more... close row
$ 25
Oct 2007
Boulder, CO
Climbing gym perfect for winter  more... close row
$ 25
Nov 2006
Tucson, AZ
A day of climbing in an indoor climbing gym  more... close row
$ 30
Feb 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Unlimited one day pass provided fun all day  more... close row
$ 80
May 2008
Springfield, MO
Four friends learn rock climbing  more... close row
$ 50
May 2008
Memphis, TN
Indoor climbing like a jungle gym for adults  more... close row
$ 19
Jan 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
Price per person for one day at climbing gym  more... close row
$ 10
Oct 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
Must find a partner in order to climb  more... close row
$ 11
Mar 2009
Gainesville, FL USA
Climbing was fun although learning was boring  more... close row
$ 40
Mar 2008
Austin, Texas
Includes day pass and intro safety class  more... close row

Description of service

The service included an adult day pass and a first time user course. Day pass was $13 and the Belay Safety Course was $25.

Review of Service

I had never been rock climbing before but wanted to try it out. I did not have any gear other items to help me along in my endeavor, but this indoor rock climbing business had everything I needed. All that I had to do was show up and the rest of my visit just happened! Experts helped me through the Belay Safety Course, which is required for all first time climbers, and they also helped me to get acquainted with my gear. This was a busy place! It was pretty noisy and lively, but that was okay. My guide was there the entire session and he was very patient, which I appreciated. I got involved in this sport because I wanted to see if climbing outdoors would be something that I would like. I learned that rock climbing is not for me, but that had nothing to do with the business experience. That is why I am so glad that for less than $50 and the cost of gas, I was able to find out if rock climbing was for me.


Ask questions, and do not do anything you are not comfortable with. On the other hand, trust your instructor and go for it! The business would not expect a novice rock climber to do more than he could.

$ 15
Jun 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Charged by the amount of climbs undertaken  more... close row
$ 25
Mar 2008
orlando, florida
One day pass plus equipment rental  more... close row
$ 40
Jan 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
Day-long pass with unlimited access  more... close row