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the Price of Six Months of Car Insurance

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$ 430
Mar 2008
Cedar Springs, MI
Chevy Venture
Full coverage and great service  more... close row

Description of service

This is for full coverage from an insurance agent. The policy has Bodyily injury coverage of $100,000 per person with a $300,000 maximum. It include personal injury protection, coordinated Medical Expenses and Primary work loss coverage. A breakdown of the rest of my policy is as follows:

Property Protection $219.81

50 Deductible Comprehensive $75.51

250 Deductible Collision $126.08

Emergency Road Service $4.10

Unisured Motor Vehicle Bodily Injury $20,000 per person/$40,000 maximum $1.87

Death indemnity $1.20

Limited Property Damage $1.80

The Policy includes the following discounts:

Multiline $39.20

Multicar $74.58

Antitheft $8.39

Vehicle Safety $16.59

Safety Belt usuage $14.93

Accident/Violation Free $92.39

Review of Service

The agent is always very helpful when I call. They went out of their way to find every discount available to me. I have had to make 2 claims and both times the process went very smoothly. They had an extensive list of body shops to choose from and all bills were paid on time without me being invloved. They even assisted me with getting the other driver's insurance to pay my deductible. One of the claims ended up being a total loss and the insurance company gave me $1500 more than what a local dealer said I would probably need to replace the car. In an effort of good customer service they even send us a $10 gift card to a local store for our birthday.


Ask about all their discounts: more than one car, adding homeowners.renters insurance, seatbelts etc.

It is good to do a little research and check out how well the company you want to deal with handles claims and payment.

$ 519
Mar 2008
6 months of coverage  more... close row
$ 560
Mar 2008
Austin, Texas
$560 every six months for auto insurance  more... close row
$ 717
Mar 2008
Santa Cruz, CA
Pontiac Sunfire & Mazda B2300 Pickup Truck
Reliable service and great agent  more... close row
$ 932
Mar 2008
East Greenville, PA
Honda Accord
Premium tripled after accident  more... close row
$ 865
Jan 2006
Orange County, CA
6 month premium for one driver  more... close row
$ 289
Mar 2008
Kalamazoo, MI
Ford Contour
PLPD is the minimum necessary coverage  more... close row
$ 720
Apr 2008
Amarillo, TX
Chevy Tahoe
Full coverage with a $50 deductible  more... close row
$ 1200
Mar 2008
Hendersonville, tn
We have full coverage insurance on two vehicles  more... close row