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the Cost of Emergency Room Visits for Illness

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$ 125
Jun 2007
Oakland, CA
vomiting and shaking
HMO Emergency Room Visit  more... close row
$ 29
Feb 2008
Houston, TX
high blood pressure
Never treated for high blood pressure  more... close row
$ 598
Sep 2007
Everett, WA
Musculoskeletal Chest Pain
Pain in chest with pre-existing heart condition  more... close row
$ 19
Sep 2007
Seattle, WA
Local Health Cooperative Emergency Room Visit  more... close row
$ 3755
Apr 2008
Ashland, Ky
kidney infection
Bad kidney infection  more... close row
$ 440
Jun 2008
Loma Linda, CA
Cat bite on wrist
Infection from cat bite  more... close row
$ 100
Apr 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Stomach Flu
Long wait for stomach flu treatment  more... close row
$ 100
Apr 2008
Ashland, KY
Pain all over, Fainting
Kidney infection sent wife to the emergency room  more... close row
$ 1083
Feb 2008
Highlands, NC
Withdrawal from pain medication
Withdrawal from pain medication  more... close row
$ 1000
May 2008
Akron OH
Stomach pain
Emergency room visists expensive but necessary  more... close row
$ 721
Nov 2007
Blue Ridge, Ga
105 temperature
Emergency room visit for son with 105 fever  more... close row
$ 275
Dec 2007
Pine Bluff, AR
swollen cheek, looked like mumps
Did not get to see a doctor at the emergency room  more... close row

Description of service

I drove an hour away from home to take my son in to an urgent care center, rather than having to pay for an emergency room visit since we had no insurance at that time. Unfortunately, at 7 am on a Sunday morning, the urgent care center is not open, thus we still had to deal with the emergency room. After waiting almost 2 hours, we finally saw a nurse who said it was probably an abcessed tooth and that I should see my dentist the next day.

Review of Service

I was very displeased. We did not even get to see a doctor. I realize nurses know their stuff and some are excellent but for that amount of money, I would've liked to have at least seen a nurse practitioner! While antibiotics were prescribed for the infection, the only other things done were a check of temperature, weight and blood pressure, as well as a very quick oral examination.


If you think you're going to avoid the emergency room by visiting an urgent care center, call ahead to double check on when the care center is open. In our case, we could've either waited on it to open a few hours later or gone to the local emergency room.