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the Price of Family Law Attorneys

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$ 1000
Jan 2008
Northeast Arkansas
Flat fee for family law case  more... close row
$ 1500
Mar 2008
dallas, texas
Family law attorney to assist with adoption  more... close row
$ 2000
Mar 2007
Van Wert, Ohio
Custody battle with excellent service  more... close row

Description of service

My ex-husband committed a crime 9 years ago, and since then he has not seen my daughter, who was two years old at the time. She fears him, does not want to see him, but he wants visitation. We retained an attorney to help us fight his attempts to see her. For the entire procedure, we retained her for $2,000.

Review of Service

This attorney has been incredible. We have had approximately 10 court hearings over the last month, and she has not charged an additional dollar. For this $2,000, she has represented us in court, driven 100 miles to depose a professional to testify on our behalf, made a number of phone calls, and written countless documents and replies to my ex-husband's attorney. I have always seen this profession as being rather - monetary-minded - and she really has done an excellent job for this amazing price.


1. Interview your prospective attorney before hiring him or her. Find out their level of experience and how frequently they encounter the issues with which you are dealing. Make sure they have enough background to understand your case thoroughly.

2. Talk to other people in the town. Usually, the majority of people in the community know who the "good" lawyers are. You never know when a seemingly simple issue or conversation will turn into a disaster of world-class proportions!

$ 12000
Dec 2007
Mobile, Al
Child custody case  more... close row
$ 1100
Apr 2007
Van Wert, Ohio
Dissolution and custody issues  more... close row
$ 250
Jan 2008
Sequim, Washington
Family lawyer helped with will and other questions  more... close row
$ 1000
Oct 2007
Nashville TN
Family and Divorce attorney was a fraud  more... close row
$ 800
May 2008
Rock Hill, SC
Changing last name of a child is expensive  more... close row
$ 150
Mar 2008
Alma, Kansas
Legal plan from employer could have been helpful  more... close row
$ 4000
Feb 2008
coudersport pa
Termination of parental rights  more... close row
$ 18000
Nov 2006
Sacramento, CA
Legal assistance in family court  more... close row