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the Monthly Cost of Insurance for Multiple Cars

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$ 85
Apr 2008
Ashland, KY
Ford Windstar and Chevy Lumina
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$ 93
Apr 2008
Ford Windstar
No accidents make for great car insurance rates  more... close row
$ 715
Mar 2008
Haddam CT
Ford Explorer Sport , Dodge Ram 50
One truck with full coverage one with limited  more... close row
$ 47
Mar 2008
Norfolk, Nebraska
Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS CP, Chevy Malibu
Inexpensive insurance for two cars  more... close row
$ 76
May 2008
Winston salem
chevy Cavalier Wagon, Dodge Grand Caravan
Complete protection important for both cars  more... close row

Description of service

I paid for insuring both cars with a reputable large company for the maximum insurance on both because I own a home. I cannot afford not to be completely protected. I arranged for the coverage online as I am unfamiliar with the location and thought I might be able to get a better rate. The rate I was quoted included a higher premium for one of the vehicles because I had had a fender bender recently ($1000 worth of damage from backing into the car in the dusk).

Review of Service

I checked initially with several insurance companies. The quotes were outrageous. I was given a slightly better price with Allstate but it was not significantly better than any other rate quoted. The company is located on the opposite side of the state from me. The person who took my initial inquiry was very polite and professional, but when I called back a few days later I was told she no longer worked there. Long story short, every time I called for infomration or to submit information to them, I got a different worker. I did not speak with the same person twice. I felt this was not the best service. In addition, 2 months after I received the policy in the mail, I received a call that I needed to take some pictures of my pool being locked on my property. No one told me this and my other companies never required this. It took a while to get the pictures and to lock it properly. I ws essentially sent a termination notice as I did not send the pictures in a timle way for them. I was given a termination date of April 30. Imagine my surprise when I received a refund check forthe amount I paid on April 7!! I was able to resolve this and be reinstated, but I will probably switch companies in the future.


1. Check around and get advice from friends.

2. Be very sure of what you are receiving for your money.

3. Do NOT give out your Social security number until you are ready to settle on one specific company, there is no reason to have your number floating around.

$ 165
Jan 2008
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chevy Cavalier and Dodge Neon
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$ 126
Aug 2007
Sacramento California
Coverage for a car and a truck  more... close row
$ 129
Apr 2008
Wamego, Kansas
2002 Mercury Mountaineer & 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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$ 137
Feb 2008
las vegas, nv
Hyundai Elantra
One car with full coverage and one without  more... close row
$ 238
Mar 2008
Shinglehouse PA
three vehicles
Monthly coverage for three vehicles  more... close row