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the Cost of Wedding Caterers

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$ 783
Jan 2008
Fergus Falls, MN
Buffet style meal by local catering company  more... close row
$ 4300
Apr 2008
Lincoln, Nebraska
Appetizers and a trustworthy caterer worked out well  more... close row
$ 4000
Apr 2006
Houston, TX
Locally owned full service caterer  more... close row
$ 600
Feb 2008
Anaheim, CA
40 person wedding reception  more... close row
$ 1800
Jun 2006
Lawndale, CA
Food was good with extra beverages included  more... close row
$ 6860
Jul 2007
Valparaiso, IN
Food and open bar at wedding  more... close row
$ 3700
Jun 2006
Dallas, TX
Leave room in your wedding budget for good food  more... close row
$ 1500
Jun 2007
Amarillo, TX
Food was great, service just OK  more... close row
$ 57
Jun 2006
Trevose, PA
Food and drink for wedding guests  more... close row
$ 21000
Dec 2007
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Wedding location and food service  more... close row
$ 8835
Jun 2006
Trevose, Pa
Caterers at a fire hall  more... close row

Description of service

This location was a fire hall. The price included a lot of things. It included all of the linens for the tables and the center pieces for the tables. It was top shelf liquor for 5 hours and all soda, water, coffee and tea. The cocktail hour consisted of a variety hoers d'overs from your basic pigs in a blanket to seafood to steak on a stick. The main meal was served buffet style. I had a choice of 3 entrees, four sides and 2 salads. they substituted one of the salads for a soup. I also had a dessert bar with a few dessert including cakes and cookies. The wedding cake was also included. I got a discount because I did not use the house DJ.

Review of Service

The service was great. They had my date readily available. They were very accommodating with the salad substitution. All the food was served hot and it was delicious. The wedding cake was beautiful and the all the desserts were good


Make sure that you get a caterer that you are comfortable with. When comparing prices make sure you are getting similar things. There is a price difference between sit downs and buffet style meals.