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the Cost of Employment and Job Placement Services

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$ 35
Mar 2007
Lake Worth, FL
Bogus placement agency  more... close row

Description of service

This was a placement agency that my wife had used to find a job. I found it strange that a placement agency needed a fee paid up front before I was placed in a job. I submitted a very decent resume and was told that they would be able to find me a great paying job, no problem. Promises were made of high salary jobs.

Review of Service

After dropping off my resume, paying the fee and a brief interview, I was told that they would find something for me immediately and I was promised a salary well above the wage I was currently earning. After leaving, I was never called, I did the calling. On my first call I got this: "Oh, we found something for you but it's far away and you must leave the state to train for a month." At the time, I had an eight month pregnant wife, which they knew was the case and there would be no way for me to leave my wife for a month. I asked them to continue looking. Again, I never heard from them so I continued calling them. Each time they came up with a fantastic job with amazing pay and it would end up being somewhere really far away. I explained politely that my job needed to be here in this area. I finally gave up on them as I was registered with several other agencies, one of which found the job that I am in now. Amazingly enough, about two months after my son was born they called me up and asked me if I was still looking for employment because they found the perfect job for me. I told them to never call me again.


The number one tip I can give you is, unless you have a hideous employment record or have a criminal background, I would never suggest going to a place where you are required to pay a fee... the employer is the one that should be paying the fee and if you are getting hired by a place that is making you pay their fee then you don't need that job... there will be problems later on if they aren't willing to go through a quality agency.

$ 30
Nov 2007
Phoenix, AZ
applied math
One month's access to local job listings  more... close row
$ 100
Mar 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Booking agent takes a cut  more... close row
$ 150
Jan 2008
Portsmouth, NH
Career aptitude tests analyzed  more... close row
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Apr 2008
New York, New York
Temporary employment agency very convenient  more... close row
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Jun 2006
La Crosse, WI
Office work
Temp jobs can move you up  more... close row
$ 30
Jan 2008
Athens ohio
Cs manager
Resume building and listing site  more... close row
$ 30
Jan 2008
Bronx, New York
Field Supervisor
Free resume consultation and good job placement  more... close row
$ 100
Aug 2006
Fort Wayne, Indiana
radio broadcaster
So called headhunter pulled jobs from newspaper  more... close row
$ 20
Mar 2008
Lewisburg, WV
Work from home
Work at home scam  more... close row
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Oct 2010
City, State
4sYCyf <a href="http://mmzvzdskxkyo.com/">mmzvzdskxkyo</a&g  more... close row
$ 10
Sep 2007
Ft. Washington, MD
Employment service paid for a drug test  more... close row
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Oct 2006
Mt Laurel, NJ
customer service
Job placement from temp agency  more... close row