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the Price of a Landline with Unlimited Long Distance

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$ 64
Mar 2008
Braintree, MA
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$ 40
Mar 2008
Denver, CO
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$ 50
Mar 2008
Norfolk, Nebraska
Basic Telephone service with unlimited long distance  more... close row

Description of service

Basic Telephone service/Long Distance

Basic Telephone: $25.99

Non Published Number: $3.00

Unlimited Long Distance: $22.30

Unlimited long distance within the United States as well as Canada. Service includes, caller id, call waiting, answering service, security screen and line backer.

Review of Service

I strongly feel that I get a great value for the money. Many people are opting out of home phone lines, for me, a land line is neccesary. I have used this company for the past 2 years and have never had any problems. Customer service is prompt and very effiecient. Times when I could not afford to pay the bill, they are more then happy to make payment arrangements. The service is great in quality! I have used other telephone companies in my State and nothing has compared to this one! It is great for those who may call to Canada or through out the United States. I do call Canada once a day, often using over 1200 mins/month and have never been charged more.


Unlimited long distance is an option. If payment arrangements are neccesary, do try to call a few days ahead of due date. This company always makes payment arrangements but prefer more notice then less.

$ 30
Mar 2008
Shinglehouse PA
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$ 30
Mar 2008
Fargo, ND
Unlimited local and long distance  more... close row
$ 72
Apr 2008
Sharon MA
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$ 33
Apr 2008
Deroit, MI
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$ 51
Mar 2008
Norfolk, Nebraska
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$ 20
May 2008
Boiling Springs, SC
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