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the Cost of Graduate School Tuition

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$ 42000
Aug 2007
Boston, MA
Large University
Social Sciences
Price of tuition before fellowships and scholarshilps  more... close row
$ 20000
Sep 2007
Tampa Bay, FL
Graduate, Public
Bio Chemistry
Lab job helps with grad school tuition  more... close row
$ 256
Jun 2006
Menlo Park, CA
Graduate School
masters in theology
Cost per unit of graduate theological program  more... close row
$ 358
May 2007
Saint Leo, Florida
Private University
Master of Education
Price per semester hour  more... close row
$ 7890
Jan 2008
Doctor of Chiropractic
One trimester of tuition at chiropractic school  more... close row
$ 17500
Dec 2007
Seattle, WA
Graduate school - 3 semesters
Master of Anthropolgy
Three semesters of a masters program in anthropology  more... close row
$ 2976
May 2008
Conway, AR
public state run university
Master of Art in English
12 units of graduate level courses  more... close row
$ 52800
Jan 2006
Troy, NY
semesterly tuition
Masters of Science
Most people don't pay graduate school tuition  more... close row
$ 1760
Jun 2006
Columbia, Missouri
traditional University Master's level coursework
Master's of Education
Price for tuition for two classes  more... close row
$ 20000
Mar 2007
online graduate
2000 per course for graduate courses  more... close row

Description of service

This worked out to about $2000 per course, while this may seem expensive the courses were graduate level and lasted only 6 weeks each. This money provided for classroom tuition, books and student fees. It also paid the graduation fee at the end on the program, so there was no sticker shock.

Review of Service

Online schools, really worked with my schedule. This allows me maximum time to take care of my family, job, school and relaxation. The 24 hour classroom; really made school available to me - especially when I needed it to be. Overall, the classroom service and support as well as the instructor availability made it worth while. Most of the other students were also working age, so they had some life experience as well. There were almost no college age kids attending the school (at least online). Many of the people were also interested in furthering their career. As far as grad school, it was fairly competitive by the time books, tuition and student fees were added in.


I wish I had known more about online education before I started this would have enabled me to make my time in school more productive. This can only be gained through experience though. I have had other online classes since then, but they weren't nearly as complete.