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$ 100
Jul 2008
Birmingham, AL
Arabic classes for half-Jordanian son  more... close row
$ 220
May 2008
New York, NY
American Sign Language
Six weeks of classes at two and a half hours per week  more... close row
$ 150
Jan 2008
Chicago, IL
Six week beginning conversational Italian class  more... close row
$ 25
Feb 2006
Cleveland, OH
Price per hour for introductory Portuguese lessons  more... close row
$ 3650
Jul 2008
Austin, Texas
English Language learining center  more... close row
$ 450
Apr 2008
New York, NY
Twelve week Arabic classes  more... close row

Description of service

This is the regular price of a beginner class in Arabic, which spans 12 weeks, 4 hours a week. Three days are assigned for classroom exercises, like writing, listening and video presentations as well as assigned homework. One day is dedicated to conversation development. The class is composed of about 10-15 students, so the instructor can easily coach each student. The fees do not include tax and gratuities. It does not include any materials or books, which you have to buy yourself.

Review of Service

I had a great time trying to learn a foreign language. My instructor is a very seasoned veteran of teaching the language to different age groups. I think he also teaches in a university so he is attuned to the needs of the students. I like that he uses a lot of practical exercises and terms, like trying to read a menu or a newspaper article. I think the fees were very well worth it. I enjoyed the experience and it was much better than buying the tapes and books and trying to figure it out myself. I liked the chance to converse with other learners and at the same time a native speaker.


The best way to find out the best language class is to check out recommendations from country representatives in your area, like consulates or embassies. I also take advantage of international organizations offering their classes to outsiders for a fee.

$ 525
Mar 2009
St. Louis, MO
Six weeks of Italian classes  more... close row
$ 220
Aug 2009
san diego , CA
Learned indi in preparation for trip to India  more... close row
$ 150
Mar 2008
Louisville, KY
Three month Japanese class was too short  more... close row