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the Cost of Air Conditioner Replacement

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$ 6800
May 2008
Santa Barbara, CA
22 year old air conditioner replaced  more... close row
$ 2425
Mar 2008
Central air conditioning unit replaced  more... close row
$ 1450
Jun 2007
Bellmawr, NJ
Old air conditioning unit replaced for inefficiency   more... close row
$ 2400
Jun 2008
Wellington, KS
Purchase transportation and installation of AC  more... close row
$ 1218
Jun 2008
Louisville, KY
Replaced central air conditioning system  more... close row
$ 6175
May 2008
Delaware, OH
Father paid for HVAC replacement  more... close row
$ 110
Mar 2008
San Diego, CA
Bought a replacement air conditioning window unit  more... close row
$ 6500
Aug 2008
Tampa, Florida
Prompt reliable air conditioner replacement  more... close row
$ 1350
Jul 2008
Tampa, FL
Air conditioning unit lasted longer with servicing  more... close row
$ 2100
May 2007
Rainbow City, AL
Huge air conditioner replaced   more... close row
$ 1500
Apr 2006
Bellmawr, NJ
Old inefficient air conditioner replaced with new one   more... close row
$ 1000
Jun 2007
Addison, IL
Total replacement of air conditioner unit  more... close row

Description of service

Total replacement of the air conditioning unit and removal of the old air conditioning unit. First there was the disconnection of all the pipes leading into the home and cleaning up around the general area of the air conditioner. Next, once all the accessories were disconnected the old air conditioning unit was removed and taken back by the installation crew to their van, the A/C would then be taken back and disposed of properly. Following this the crew brought in the new A/C unit and set it down and apparently there was some problem with attaching the pipes to the new unit because they were old or didn't fit properly. As a result these guys got right on it and got new piping from their van and attached them in and only after that they could connect the A/C to the home. Once everything was checked they ran a few tests with the new programmer that they just installed as well, checked out all the functions and also tested how cold the air was running. Overall quick process couldn't have taken more then an hour or so. Quick, painless, and they even took care of the old unit!

Review of Service

The quality of the service that was performed was satisfactory. In fact, I would and say that it was more then I could have expected the workers that installed the air conditioner were friendly and knowledgeable about their task. They seem to have have encountered many trivial problems as some of the problems looked like a daily routine. I also like the fact that they went above and beyond their task, such as testing the quality and temperature of the air coming from the vents, making sure the functions on the programmer worked as advertised, cleaning around the air conditioner, replacing old piping (I think they could of just said that they can't do this now and come back another day and charge some more for that). Overall, the quality of service is good, I was to get a new air conditioner again, or if I knew someone who needed theirs' replaced I would definably recommend these guys to them. On a final note, the most impressive thing about this whole air conditioner replacement was that I thought it would be a more time consuming task, which in fact turned out to be a straight up, no joking around, down to earth process.


If someone needed an air conditioner replace, I would defiantly look to the yellow pages or go on the internet and see what the trusted names around the town are. I would also do some research on the types of air conditioners and are they compatible to the home or if you really need such a large one. Also check out how long a service has actually been in the service, if they have been in the business for quite a while then you can rest more assured that they must run good business since they stood the test of time. Be sure to also check out what neighbors or friends have to say about the service, chances are that if you are referred by them someone might get a discount. Use common sense, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is for example, extremely cheap price might translate into poor service that might need servicing, or extremely high price might not translate into high quality installation. Once again the best tip I can offer would be to defiantly go do research and check the business out that are in town and how much are they respected.

$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 1800
Aug 2007
Old AC unit not worth fixing  more... close row
$ 1900
Aug 2008
La Porte, TX
Immediate replacement needed in the heat  more... close row