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$ 35000
Mar 2009
Denver, Colorado
Law School
Cost for one year of law school  more... close row
$ 38800
Jul 2009
Charlottesville, Virginia
Law School
Tuition and fees for in-state law student  more... close row
$ 24740
Dec 2007
Denver, Colorado
Law School
Price per year of law school  more... close row
$ 65000
Jan 2008
Austin ,Texas
Law school is extremely overpriced  more... close row
$ 49500
May 2006
DeKalb, Illinois
State supported law school
Complete law school education  more... close row
$ 35500
Mar 2008
Denver, Colorado
accredited law school
Law school prepares one to be a prosperous lawyer  more... close row
$ 30000
May 2008
Lincoln, NE
Law School
Three years of in-state tuition  more... close row
$ 50000
Apr 2008
Cambridge, Massachusetts
law school
First year of law school tuition  more... close row
$ 38400
Dec 2008
Anniston, Alabama
Online Law school
Law school program is completely online  more... close row
$ 108250
May 2008
East Lansing, MI
law school
Three years of tuition for law school   more... close row

Description of service

I put May, 2008 because that is my graduation date. The service is a J.D. degree at a law school. (Private law school education) 88 credits are required to graduate and each credit hour is over $1000. Three-years of school full-time (or you can do five years of school part-time for the same price). I just calculated all of my student loans that went toward tuition for the 88 credits and that represents the $108,250 figure. This includes only tuition service, not room and board and books and the many other expenses.

Review of Service

Very over-priced. Impossible to get a cheap professional or graduate school education anymore these days. However, it is still worth it. I figure I will be ahead in a few short years when I am making the total amount of my loans back each year as my salary. Really do need a professional or graduate-level degree to truly get ahead these days. The quality of the service was in my ability to earn the degree. As far as the school's service itself goes, I have a laundry list of complaints but those are tough to address without mentioning the specific school name.


The best tip I have is to get a scholarship somewhere. Otherwise, it will be tough to graduate from a professional or graduate level school with anything under $100,000 in student loans.

$ 7000
Jan 2009
Dartmouth, MA
Non-ABA Law School
One semester of tuition for non ABA accredited law school  more... close row
$ 21103
Aug 2008
Washington, DC
Top 20 law school; price represents a semester's tuition
One semester of law school  more... close row
$ 56000
Jun 2007
Tempe, AZ
Law school prepared me for the bar exam  more... close row
$ 10000
Mar 2008
New York City
One year of law school for son  more... close row
$ 90000
Aug 2008
Columbia, Missouri
Law School
Three complete years of law school  more... close row
$ 9000
Sep 2007
Austin ,Texas
Law at a state university  more... close row