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the Cost of Replacing a Car Window

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$ 135
Dec 2007
Louisville, Kentucky
Ford Aerostar
Replacement drivers side window  more... close row
$ 110
Mar 2008
Huntington, WV
Chevrolet Lumina
Replaced automatic window in car  more... close row
$ 120
Mar 2008
Middletown, CT
Ford Explorer Sport
Excellent service on passenger window replacement  more... close row
$ 250
Sep 2007
Warminster, Pa
Ford Escort
Door taken apart to replace window  more... close row
$ 160
Apr 2006
Monticello, AR
GMC Sierra
Window replaced after run-in with a tree  more... close row
$ 100
Dec 2007
Garland, TX
Honda Accord
Rear window replacement  more... close row
$ 100
Oct 2007
WIchita, KS
Chevrolet, Prizm
Replacing a broken rear window  more... close row

Description of service

I had a small auto glass company replace a broken rear window after my car had been vandalized. They came the same day.

Review of Service

At first, I was not terribly impressed when I called the business owner. He did not seem very organized and I had my doubts as to whether I wanted him to work on my car. After talking for a few minutes, I decided to give him a shot. I did not need to go to a shop, he came to my location and worked there. He was quick and cost far less than any of the other places I called for estimates. The repair person came out the same day and was done in a very short amount of time. The worker was clean and professional and I was very pleased with the work provided.


Make sure to talk to other people who have been in a similar situation and ask who they went to for the window repair and if they were happy with the outcome. Call around and see who has the best price. If you are wanting new glass, make sure the person doing the repair is not going to a salvage yard. If you are fine with a window from a salvage yard, find out of your repair person guarantees their work.

$ 130
Apr 2008
Anaheim, CA
Toyota Corolla
Estimate was less than price paid  more... close row
$ 55
May 2006
Lawndale, CA
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Make sure you are getting a good deal at the mechanic  more... close row
$ 125
Feb 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
Toyoya Camry
National glass company replaced side window after break in  more... close row