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the Price of Roadside Assistance Programs

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$ 80
Jan 2008
New Castle, PA
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Description of service

I renewed my road side assistance program. This is my 5th straight year of being a member of the same . organization. The $80 is per year for the upgraded "plus" version, which I highly reccommend upgrading to. It's almost twice as much, but worth it. This membership also included another person living in the same household. I think it limits you to only 4 service calls per year, though. It does include discounts to many many well known retail establishments.

Review of service

I would be worried all the time without this service. I drive 110 miles a day with a car that has over 200,000 miles, so for me, this is a priority! My last service call was to strap up a muffler that was dragging. I didn't even know they did stuff like that, but I called to find out and the guy was there in 20 minutes. I have also used the service for help unlocking the door (keys locked in!) and for towing. Sometimes there are long waits, but they are usually very quick and know exactly what to do when they get there.

Other than the road assistance, there are huge benefits in being in a group like this. You get free maps, free travel guides, free travel advice and free travel agents.

You also get many discounts shopping at very well known places, amusements parks, auto-mechanic stores, hotels, restaurants, and local attractions (museums, etc). My savings alone pay for the membership.

They also offer life insurance (although, I found their rates to be a little high with that) and cell phone plans (also a little high for the basic).


I think this is an essential for anyone who does traveling like I do. It's a great gift for your kids or other family members.

I don't know how many companies offer this service, but I am with the most well known one and have been very happy over the years.

$ 75
Aug 2007
Thousand Oaks, California
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$ 40
Aug 2007
California (anywhere)
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$ 100
Jan 2008
Ashand, Ohio
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$ 71
Apr 2008
Southern California
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$ 180
Mar 2008
Dallas, TX
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