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the Price of Daycare for a Child Between 2 and 4 years old

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$ 1318
Mar 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Child care and preschool  more... close row
$ 300
Mar 2008
San Antonio, Texas
Monthly fee for daycare on two days a week  more... close row
$ 130
Mar 2008
Fresno, CA
In-home day care 5 days a week for one child  more... close row
$ 250
Apr 2008
Cranston, RI
2 and a half
One week of day care in private home day care  more... close row
$ 440
Apr 2008
Leander, TX
One week of child care for a 4 year old daugher  more... close row
$ 22
Jul 2007
Bedford, PA
Day care so mom could go back to work  more... close row
$ 125
May 2008
Hazel Crest, Il
Small home daycare provides personalized attention  more... close row
$ 270
Aug 2007
Gadsden, AL
One month of three day a week day care  more... close row
$ 90
Apr 2008
Pulaski, VA
Inflexible but high quality childcare  more... close row
$ 110
Mar 2008
Jackson, MI
3 1/2
Needed more reliable daycare  more... close row

Description of service

When my relative-provided childcare started to become less reliable, I found it necessary to weigh my options and to begin investigating different childcare providers. After weeks of calling, visiting, interviewing and checking references, I finally decided on a licensed daycare home. The fee is $110 per week, whether my child attends or not.

While many daycare homes allow children free play for most of their day, this home serves as daycare and preschool combined. The woman who runs the daycare homeschools her children, and she brings that structure into her childcare as well. While her children are doing their math lessons, my son (and the other children in the daycare) are practicing numbers. When her children work on writing, the daycare children learn their letters. In the few weeks my son has been in this daycare, he has learned his shapes and colors, many of his numbers and letters. When weather permits, the children are taken outside for active play. There is free play and structured play during the day, as well as quiet time, story time and nap time.

Two meals are served to full-time children. My family has religion-based dietary restrictions, which are accommodated without making my child feel left-out.

The daycare is closed on weekends and major holidays.

Review of Service

As far as daycares go, this is one of the best I've experienced. The price is very reasonable, and the service is invaluable. My child is comfortable and happy there. He is learning and growing instead of vegetating in front of the television. He eats nutritious food and gets plenty of exercise. I feel very comfortable leaving my child there during the day.


When choosing a daycare, it is very important to listen to your gut. Use a childcare referral service if one is available in your area. Visit and interview the providers. Learn their schedules and discover what your child would be doing while in their care. The biggest red flag is a childcare provider who wants advance notice in order to visit their location or who only accepts visits at certain times.

$ 65
May 2006
Dupont, Indiana
4 yrs. old
Church based child care  more... close row