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the Price of Dry Cleaning Formal Wear

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$ 40
Jun 2007
Canton, OH
They even got the red wine stains out of the shirt  more... close row
$ 15
May 2008
Akron OH
Charging extra for same day service  more... close row
$ 30
Oct 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana
Formal dress worn as a bridesmaid
Bridesmaid dress cleaning left it in excellent condition  more... close row
$ 40
Mar 2008
Scottsdale, AZ
Cleaning a wool tuxedo and accessories  more... close row
$ 48
Apr 2008
Portland, Or.
eveing gown,
Vintage evening gown received royal treatment  more... close row
$ 20
Mar 2008
Lincoln Park, Michigan
Military uniform
One hour dry cleaning for uniform  more... close row
$ 28
Mar 2008
Lowell, MA
two formal dresses
Drycleaning for two gowns  more... close row
$ 32
Nov 2007
Bellmawr, NJ
Bridesmaid gown
Bridesmaid gown cleaned to wear again  more... close row
$ 75
Jan 2007
Big Rapids, Michigan
Bridesmaid dress
Expensive cleaning of bridesmaid dress  more... close row
$ 45
Jan 2007
Boulder, CO
Black Formal Dress
Need to be careful when wearing formalwear  more... close row

Description of service

I went to my husbands award ceremony for work and it was a dinner and open bar. So I had to try to be careful the entire night so I wouldn't get anything on my dress. Although it's black it can still get dirty. I thought I was home free until I dropped a piece of chicken on my dress just before I was finished eating. Anyways I had to take my dress which is very delicate to the dry cleaner to have it cleaned. It was kind of expensive because it was a delicate garment that needed special cleaning for a greasy stain.

Review of Service

I went in and was told that normally a dress such as this would cost about $20 for a basic clean, but in order to get the stain out it could be more. Of course it would up being more. Ultimately $45 for the entire cleaning. I got it back in just less than a week and it did look as good as new. I love this dress so it was well worth cleaning because I wear it so much.


My advice is to be more careful when you're wearing nice clothes. I thought I was being careful and wound up paying $45 for a cleaning.