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$ 50
Jan 2008
Tucson, AZ
Voice Lessons
Lesson was recorded as a practice guide  more... close row

Description of service

The voice lesson took place at the instructors home. The studio was a tidy, neat, open-spaced living room immediately adjacent to the entryway. A microphone stood next to a baby grand piano recording the entire lesson from greeting to “time’s up.” At the end of the lesson the instructor took out the newly burned CD as a complementary practice guide.

Review of Service

Service was impeccable. The instructor was obviously conscious of my comfort level, making sure I was well-hydrated and more importantly relaxed at all times. She explained vocal warm-ups and exercises as she led them, so I’d have something to practice on my own.


My recommendations when seeking out a voice teacher is first doing your homework. A quick internet search will reveal basic knowledge of technique and how singing works. Beyond speaking the same language, make sure you click—comfort is crucial to maximizing your potential. If your instructor makes you more nervous than typical, maybe it’s time to shop around. Some of them, you’ll find, have the magic touch that can put you at ease.

One more tip, go in expecting to learn. There’s a lot of science and rehearsal behind talented singers. Ignore those who say it’s there when you’re born or you’re tone deaf—you can refine your ear with good instruction.

$ 50
Feb 2008
San Diego, CA
Voice Lessons
Price for 90 minute voice lesson  more... close row
$ 400
Jun 2008
Warwick, Rhode Island
Voice Lessons
Cost of voice lessons per month  more... close row
$ 60
Jan 2008
Berkeley, CA
Music teacher teaching voice lessons for extra money  more... close row
$ 90
Jan 2008
New York, New York
Musical theater voice coach insists on practice  more... close row
$ 450
Mar 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Voice Classes
Voice lessons three times a week for a month  more... close row
$ 15
Apr 2008
Dillon, Montana
One hour long voice lessons from a PhD  more... close row
$ 45
May 2007
Newtown, CT
Vocal Lessons
Half hour lessons from former Broadway performer   more... close row
$ 125
Apr 2009
Marysville, WA
A month of voice lessons, including homework  more... close row
$ 45
Apr 2007
palm beach gardens florida
private voice lessons
Know voice instructor before taking lessons  more... close row
$ 30
Apr 2008
Dallas, Texas
private voice lessons
40 minute voice lesson in teacher's home  more... close row
$ 60
Aug 2007
Huntington, WV
singing lessons
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