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the Price of Prenatal Care

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$ 1500
Nov 2007
Springfield, Tn
prenatal care
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Description of service

When I found out I was pregnant in March of 2007 the main thing on my mind was "how am I going to afford this?" I did not have insurance at the time. Once I located the doctor I chose, and made my first visit and was told it would be $100 each visit. I was thinking "that is ok I guess". Then I had a complicated pregnancy and had to make several visits each month during the last 3 months of my pregnancy! The Dr. offered assistance in paying the bills off which was very helpful! I had to have ultra sounds and dr visits often and to help lessen the amount of the bills he scheduled them in one visit. The entire staff was very helpful when it came to the financal aspects. Each staff member gave me various tips on how to cut down my cost when it came to having my baby. The Doctor's office was very well set up to meet the needs of every patient there. I ended up getting on state assisted insurance in the middle of my pregnancy. The total about I payed out to the dr office out of my pocket was $1500.

Review of Service

The service at this Doctor's office was exceptional! Every member of the staff is very well trained to handle every type of patient. I had many fears during the pregnancy and everyone did their best to calm those fears and to answer any question I had. The nurse would always come into the room and tell me stories of her sons. The stories helped out a lot. It gave me something to look foward to. I would always hear about baby events and clothing sales going on in the neighborhood. At every visit I recieved a baby package that included the recent baby magazines and different products I would be using for my baby. Those helped out so much. I was never left in the dark during my pregnancy. I was told everything to expect and even things that might happen or might not happen. The staff did everything they could to make my comfort level well relaxed. When I had complications, the doctor explained everything that was going on with my body and my baby. I was given prevention measures and what to expect. I was also told to call the doctor at any time if I had any questions, rather it was an emergency or not!


Of course making sure you can afford a baby would be the best situation, but if we all waited til we could afford a baby, many of women would not he having babies! There is no doubt about it, for someone so small they sure do cost a bundle! There are many government and state assisted programs out there! Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed about using them, they are there to help! The state would rather help you take care of your child than to hear about a child going without food or staying cold during the winter months! Always choose a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and one that fits your needs. A caring compasionate doctor is ideal, but that may not be for everyone. There are different websites on the internet that can give you reviews of doctors. I would ask everyone you know who has had a child to recomend a doctor or midwife. Whichever you prefer. And Always, do your research before making a decision. These are the first nine months of your child's life, make them the best 9 months! Don't just rush into any decisions! Go with your instinct on this one! It is worth it.

$ 30
Dec 2008
Denver, CO
obstetrics/prenatal care
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$ 175
Feb 2009
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$ 2000
Oct 2007
medina, OH
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$ 80
Jan 2007
Brandon, FL
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$ 85
Nov 2008
Modesto, CA
Prenatal care
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$ 3000
Apr 2008
New Port Richey, Florida
MidWife - 9 months of prenatal care
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$ 3500
Dec 2008
Denver Colorado
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$ 30
Oct 2008
Cleveland, Ohio
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$ 3000
Mar 2006
Frankfort, ME
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$ 30
Oct 2006
Littleton, CO
prenatal care/obstetrics/gynecology
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 26578
Jun 2008
raleigh, nc
prenatal care
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$ 600
Mar 2007
Charlotte, NC
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$ 65
Oct 2006
Fort Worth, Texas
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$ 500
Sep 2008
Kingston, NY
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