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$ 15
May 2007
Portland, Oregon
Group lessons and great teaching  more... close row

Description of service

To attend Spanish Language classes in the USA you can expect to pay between $5-25 per hour depending on the school and if you want group or private lessons.

I attended classes taught by a native Spanish speaker who did not speak English to the class. We worked verbally and in written work (especially for homework) and stuck a balance between conversation and grammar.

Review of Service

I've never found a class that was the perfect mix of academic and practical, but this class came close. We focused on individual needs within the larger class group (of 6 students), so I was able to get the vocabulary I needed along with the grammar and conversation practice that we all needed together.


I highly recommend small group or partner classes over private lessons, the quality of the classes rarely diminishes if the teacher is skilled and there's more opportunity for real conversation. I prefer to see a private tutor only a few times a month to work on especially difficult concepts or to work hard before a test.

Always supplement paid classes with as many free or cheap activities as possible. Community events, movies, intercabios (language exchanges) where you teach English in exchange for the other language.

Look for native speakers, good written material, small classes, and a study environment that works for you.

$ 1200
Dec 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Two week Spanish language program in Buenos Aires  more... close row
$ 15
Oct 2007
Portland, Oregon
I attended Spanish classes at the intermediate and advanced level  more... close row
$ 150
Mar 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Price per month for two hours of Spanish each week  more... close row
$ 2000
Jan 2008
San Francisco, CA
Price per year of Spanish language school  more... close row
$ 500
Jan 2007
Chicago, Illinois
5 weeks of one hour classes in conversational Spanish  more... close row
$ 99
Dec 2006
Berkeley, CA
Community colleges a good deal   more... close row
$ 80
May 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Customized syllabus for Spanish classes  more... close row
$ 65
May 2007
Jupiter, FL
Thorough but impatient Spanish teacher  more... close row
$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
CEn4uu <a href="http://urvwlrfavztl.com/">urvwlrfavztl</a&g  more... close row
$ 300
Nov 2006
Oakland, California
Trying to learn Spanish before a trip to Mexico  more... close row
$ 35
Feb 2008
Davie, FL
Price for an hour and a half Spanish lesson  more... close row