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the Price of Carpet Installation

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$ 800
Sep 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Next day carpeting installation  more... close row
$ 1200
Jun 2007
Bay City Mi
Great carpet but poor installation  more... close row

Description of service

I went to a carpet store to look for and purchase carpet for my living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. I had preplanned that I would be spending about $1000.00 for this as I live in a mobile home that is not that large. The price also included someone to come to my home to do the measuring.

Review of Service

I loved my carpet but the installation guy was rude. He tried to talk me out of putting it in my kitchen and bathroom. I had purchased special padding for these two rooms that is specific for this type of room. I knew what I wanted, had planned for it and now the installation man was trying to talk me out of it. He also told me that my dog could not stay while he installed the carpet. I would understand that but do feel that arrangements to have my dog moved should have been made before he arrived. My dog is old and would not have hurt him or I would not have had the dog there. He finally finished installing the carpet and I was shocked at the amount I had left over. I would have understood this had I been the one to measure. But it was not cut from the width so I know that someone had measured wrong. I did contact the store and complain and he tried to tell me that I needed that much. I disagreed because of the amount left, he finally agreed to have someone come back out and remeasure and it was discovered that he had measured wrong and I was given a refund of almost $300.00. My thought is this had happened before as he came with a blank signed check.


Get someone else to measure for you also. Do not take the first estimate that comes along. Ask if the installation man has a fear of animals. Be more aware of what is happening with it all. I have learned a lot from this experience.

$ 3275
Feb 2008
Largo, FL
Carpet installers late and disrespectful  more... close row
$ 1700
May 2006
Delaware, OH
Shocked by carpet installation prices  more... close row
$ 500
Feb 2008
Anniston, Alabama
Carpet installed within two days  more... close row
$ 1225
Jan 2008
Holbrook, New York
255 square feet of cut pile carpeting  more... close row
$ 500
Jun 2007
Scranton, PA
Price of installation alone of carpet  more... close row
$ 150
Jul 2008
montgomery, pa
Carpet installers were obviously skilled  more... close row
$ 1600
Apr 2007
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Poor service from carpet installation  more... close row
$ 1943
Nov 2006
Stow, OH
Disappointed in carpet after the fact  more... close row
$ 580
Apr 2008
Harlan, Ky
Price of carpet and installation  more... close row