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the Price of Body Waxing Services

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$ 15
Dec 2007
New York, NY
under arms
Underarm waxing at small salon  more... close row
$ 50
Jan 2008
Indianapolis, IN
eyebrow, underarm and face
Eyebrow, underarm and face wax  more... close row
$ 40
May 2008
Ithaca, New York
Full arm waxing for wedding  more... close row
$ 75
Jul 2008
Chicago, IL
Thick arm hair was waxed to be removed  more... close row
$ 60
May 2007
Green, OH
full body
Legs bikini and underarm waxing  more... close row
$ 25
Apr 2008
newport news, va
Price per underarm for waxing  more... close row
$ 50
Jun 2008
Asheville, NC
Arm waxing every few months  more... close row
$ 10
Apr 2008
southgate mi
eyebrows, bikini and legs
Family rate for waxing  more... close row

Description of service

I went to my cousins salon and got my eyebrows, bikini and legs waxed. I heard from people that it was a good salon. Very clean in there.

Review of Service

Nothing can beat the 10 dollars she did a perfect job, everything where it was supposed to be and nothing was missing. She was polite and we carried a conversation. She brightened up my day I will definitely be going back there.


Just remember when you drive by those real small salons and you think they might not do there job right you might be surprised that they do!

$ 75
Aug 2008
Cleveland, Ohio
Full Body
Waxing of legs, underarms, bikini area, and eyebrows  more... close row
$ 35
Apr 2007
Underarm waxing  more... close row