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the Cost of Electricians

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$ 1500
Feb 2008
Boise, ID
New breaker box and electrical installation  more... close row
$ 230
Feb 2008
Akron, OH
Electrician fixed the problem but not well  more... close row

Description of service

I had a light fixture that didn't work; the electrician came to the house and fixed it. This included truck fee, labor, and minimal parts.

Review of Service

I'm very disappointed with the amount of money this cost me. I could have done what the electrician did - and my wife would have killed me! It took the electrician a couple of hours to find that one of the wires between the switch and the light fixture was broken; I could have found it in about the same time, and I'm a rank amateur. Then, I at least expected that he'd have special ability to repair it with good aesthetic results, but no: he ran an external conduit from the switch to the fixture, cracking the plaster around the switch and badly misfitting the fixture to the conduit. It looks really bad; my wife and I were both really angry about it. At least the light works.


Don't hire someone to do a job you can do. Don't be afraid of it, because the pros aren't magic - they can do what you can, just faster. Now, if you're not capable of it, don't mess around, because you'll end up getting a professional to clean up after you, and it'll cost more if you've ruined additional things. This is hardly a tip, but I asked several people about it, and not one had an electrician they felt comfortable recommending - they were all dissatisfied with the ones they'd tried. Maybe a final tip should be that if you have any success with it, go into business as an electrician near my house!

$ 390
Apr 2008
Portland, Or.
Six hours of overpriced circuit installation  more... close row
$ 1250
Apr 2008
Miami, FL
Electrician chosen from a referral  more... close row
$ 908
May 2006
Forks Washington
Rural location means electrician charges for travel  more... close row
$ 1000
Jun 2007
Lancaster, PA
electrician finished work in two days  more... close row
$ 1900
Oct 2008
Cashiers, NC
Electrical work for remodeling  more... close row
$ 80
Jan 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Easy installation of dryer outlet  more... close row
$ 135
Sep 2007
Boston, MA
Basic repairs and junction box added  more... close row
$ 50
Feb 2008
Boston, MA
Repairing door buzzers in condo building  more... close row