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the Cost of Local Movers

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$ 300
Mar 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Local moving company sent two guys  more... close row
$ 500
Sep 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
Movers for big pieces of furniture  more... close row
$ 210
Nov 2007
Charlotte, North Carolina
Have everything packed up for movers  more... close row
$ 500
Oct 2006
Tucson, AZ
Eight movers for four hours moved office  more... close row

Description of service

The cost covered hiring eight people for four hours to load boxes and business furnishigs into a rental truck for moving a few blocks in town, then unloading the same. We drove the truck as a driver was an expensive extra (teamster's union rules, apparently).

The service was offered in association with the rental company, but not directly through them. The company that hired out the movers only hires out minimally skilled laborers, and contracts with the rental company to give them a commission on finding them work. Price is about $15 per hour per person, though there is a quantity discount (for both hours and workers).

Review of Service

Our offices were being closed by the lessor, either for renovation or demoltition, I don't recall. We'd planned a move into a bigger office space, but hadn't expected it to happen so soon. We found a decent place and packed the office up in a weekend, and rented a huge truck so we could move everything in one go.

Seeing as we had a lot of stuff to load up, we decided to get professional help. Turned out not to be as expensive as we thought it would be. If we'd known, we'd have hired them to help us pack as well. It certainly would have been cheaper than having our usual staff helping out (at about $25/hour average), and probably faster too, since the movers had experience with this kind of thing.

In any case, everything was loaded up and unloaded in a timely fashion. Everything was organized and orderly and nothing important got broken (one computer and one printer didn't work when powered back on, but I doubt that's the movers' fault.


The rental company vets their recommended movers, if they didn't the rental company would lose repeat business by being associated with bad services.

But once you find a good bunch of movers, recommend them to friends. And make sure they contact the company directly as that not only gets your friends a better price, but the movers more money since they can split the price of the commission.

$ 150
Mar 2006
Garland, TX
Ripped off by movers  more... close row
$ 600
Feb 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Professional movers for a short distance  more... close row
$ 1500
Apr 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Expensive basic moving service  more... close row
$ 660
Sep 2007
Cordova, TN
Three movers at an hourly rate  more... close row
$ 250
Nov 2007
Indianapolis IN
Movers to move heavy furniture  more... close row
$ 1500
Apr 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Pre-move estimate of charges  more... close row