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the Cost of Freelance Editors

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$ 400
Apr 2007
San Diego, CA
Editor took a long time to review script  more... close row
$ 1200
May 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Editor made company website readable  more... close row
$ 650
Apr 2008
Huntington, WV
Ten hours of editing a book on consumer fraud  more... close row
$ 20
May 2007
Iowa City, IA
Editor for college psychology paper  more... close row
$ 1
Jan 2008
Avon, Ohio
Editing and proofreading of technical article  more... close row

Description of service

Needed someone with good English skills to edit and proofread a technical article for me. Excellence was much more important to me than saving a few pennies; I wanted to find a good writer with a strong skill set. The cost was $1 per 100 words.

Review of Service

The writer was more than I had expected. Excellent English and grammar, punctuation and spelling were impeccable. I have tried those services from South Africa and India where people offer to write multiple articles for only a couple of dollars. Again, you get what you pay for. I was pleased with the quality of the work and would not hesitate to refer the person to anyone at any time.


1. Make sure the person who is writing for you has a good command of the English language. Further, there are many colloquialisms that writers from different countries use; if you are from the UK, you probably want someone from the UK to write the article. The same if you are from the US - don't ask someone in Hong Kong to write your article.

2. If you seek quality, you rarely will be disappointed. If your goal is to save a few bucks and get a passing fair article, you may be disappointed. Often the grammar is so poor that you will find it will cost you in the long run, whether in redos or in profits, to go with a foreign company.

$ 50
Mar 2008
San Diego, CA
Short story adapted into play  more... close row
$ 250
Feb 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Editing for spelling and grammar issues  more... close row
$ 150
Apr 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Good service but brutally honest  more... close row
$ 100
Mar 2008
San Diego, CA
College writing teacher edited paper  more... close row
$ 200
Mar 2008
Mona Shores, MI
Dissertation proofreader and editor  more... close row
$ 250
Mar 2007
San Diego, CA
See a sample of editor's work before paying  more... close row