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the Cost of Business Card Printers

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$ 17
Mar 2008
Seattle, WA
100 business cards
business cards from an online printer  more... close row
$ 4
Sep 2007
Gainesville, GA
Business Cards
Custom business cards for free  more... close row

Description of service

I was trying to start an Interior Design company in my hometown and wanted to find a way to promote the business in the least expensive way possible since I had just graduated from college four months earlier. I decided to go with business cards that I could use to pass out to friends, family, and possible clients, which provide me with a means of word-of-mouth advertising. After searching for the best price, I was able to find a website that allowed me to get 250 business cards for free. The website provides templates to choose from and also allows the customer to choose what font, font size, card stock, and color scheme they would like to use in their design. I chose all of the elements for my card and proceeded to checkout. I was prompted to choose what I would like, if anything, on the back of the card. After completing this step, I was able to choose additional items to match my business cards, such as sticky notes, return address labels, pens, and several other items. At the end of checkout, I was charged $3.99 for shipping and handling. So, I was able to purchase 250 professionally designed business cards for $3.99.

Review of Service

The service was exceptional! I received 250 business cards for only $3.99, was able to design them myself, and they arrived in less than a week!


I would suggest that like with any service or product, a person research what they are looking for before making a blind purchase. Make sure you are able to find the item you would like, or the price range you would like, or any other element that is important for you.

$ 50
Sep 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
500 business cards
Temporary business cards needed  more... close row
$ 9
Mar 2008
Wellington, KS
custom business card (non-embossed)
Free business cards with shipping and handling  more... close row
$ 85
Mar 2008
Branford, CT
Business Cards
A business card is an essential advertisement  more... close row
$ 30
Apr 2008
Denver, CO
Business Cards
Laser brinted business cards delivered to the office  more... close row
$ 500
Jan 2008
Bellingham, WA
Black and White 1000 cards
Printed business cards not cut well  more... close row
$ 40
Feb 2008
Annapolis. MD
Business cards
Durable business cards in three colors  more... close row
$ 200
Jan 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Business Cards
Cards were thin and a little cheap  more... close row
$ 17
Mar 2008
Lowell, MA
500 business cards
Online business cards and promotional materials  more... close row