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$ 20
Jan 2008
Granite City, IL
STD test and exam
Sliding-scale clinic might need pay stubs  more... close row
$ 0
Mar 2008
Eugene, OR
birth control
Free service for low income couples  more... close row
$ 174
Aug 2007
Seattle, WA
birth control
Birth Control Prescription from Clinic  more... close row
$ 180
Mar 2008
Albuquerque NM
New patient visit  more... close row
$ 0
May 2007
San Diego, CA
birth control
Sliding scale provided free birth control and exam  more... close row
$ 472
Feb 2008
Durham, NC
family planning
Unsatisfying family planning services  more... close row
$ 25
Mar 2006
Delaware, OH
Papsmear/Annual Exam
Family planning clinic while unemployed  more... close row
$ 45
Aug 2008
Chicago, IL
Birth control
Annual exam and birth control pills  more... close row
$ 230
Dec 2007
Boiling Springs, SC
fertility endocrinologist
Check up and lab work for physical and gyno exam   more... close row

Description of service

201.00 for a regular physical exam, pap smear, and a script written, with a 2nd script written for a mammogram (recommended) I am 43 so that was why since I haven't had one yet. Office Surgery (they took blood) was 20.00 I need thyroid levels checked. I have over active thyroid, with graves and they needed to be sure it was where it belonged. 19.00 for office pathology (I believe this was for the pap smear testing). Since I am accustomed to paying around 5.00 more out of pocket for each blood run for the thyroid after I am charged 300 and then insurance says we will pay around 20.00 patient pays 5-6 dollars. It's a racket without insurance.

Review of Service

The doctor was kind, helpful, and explained as certain types of checking were done that is was going to be feeling a certain way. Warning me of what was to happen so I would not be taken by surprise. That helps a patient feel at ease. I did indeed leave the office feeling like the doctor cared and took as much time as was needed to do a routine physical.


I had set this appointment up with a local endocrinoligist. I found out at the appointment that this peticular endo was a fertility endo. Not a thyroid or regular? endo. I didn't know there was a difference. This doctor did however perform the much needed things for me and suggested I find a regular (thyroid) endo for my next appointment. So if you need a specialist, and are exhausting the list, verify they are the type of specialist that handles the specialty you need. Good Luck!

$ 4
Jan 2008
Warren, AR
birth control
Very basic family planning service price per month  more... close row
$ 239
Jan 2008
Tampa, Florida
Yearly exam has many components  more... close row
$ 160
May 2008
Chicago, Illinois
birth control
One year of birth control and exam  more... close row
$ 20
May 2008
San Diego, CA
birth control
Price per month for birth control pills  more... close row